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Global Solutions Agency are the Business Solutions Specialist that help Business Owners to protect their staff, stock, cash-flow and increase sales/ revenue, net-profit, R.O.I on their business and property investments; and continuous business growth through the recommendation and application of results based business solutions.

We Provide:

Staff Protection/Security Solutions

Assets & Property Protection

Financial Solutions

Increase your sales revenue by 20%+ by accepting all card payments offline, online and by smart-phones.

And discover how to improve your cashflow and get access to cash advances anytime your business needs it; without having to go to the Bank.

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Contact Global Solutions Agency for business solutions, that improve your R.O.I., help your business to generate a positive Cash-flow, increase sales income and profits by 20% or more; and grow your business market share, locally.


If you are looking to protect your home and business, increase your income, grow your busines, get extra finance/funding, invest in property, locally and globally; and achieve personal and financial security/freedom for your family, then contact Global Solutions Agency.

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We Deliver Global Business Solutions

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When was the last time your Security System and Response Service was tested for efficiency?

(You should review and test it regularly to discover failures and any necessary upgrades, before it's too late.

As a member, you can request a Free, No Obligation Review and Improvement recommendation of your current Security System.

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