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Global Solutions Agency are Authorised Partners of Verisure Smart Alarms.

Verisure makes sure that your safety and that of your family are not a problem. Our home alarms are directly connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre, where a team of specialised professionals work every day to ensure your protection.

Any warning or emergency situation will be handled by one of our security experts in an average time of 45 seconds. Our Alarm Receiving Centre is at your service 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to activate the most appropriate security protocols for each occasion and to send, when necessary, an ambulance, fire service or Guard Response to your home.

Verisure is your best ally for protecting your home in any dangerous situation: if a burglar enters the house, if a domestic accident occurs, if a family member needs urgent medical care... Protect your loved ones with the safest home alarm.

How we guarantee the safety of your staff and profitability of your business.

The Verisure Alarm is the market leader thanks to its technology, experience and methods. Our alarms for businesses adapt to the needs of each company, whether they are at offices, warehouses or commercial premises.

The best protection, at your service

Small and medium companies are exposed to all kinds of threats, both external and internal, that can seriously compromise the future of the business and even endanger customers and employees.

The Verisure business alarm is your best ally for creating a safe working environment in which both employees and customers are protected as well as the most valuable objects and any important information.

Before you contract the Verisure alarm - the safest on the market - to deter and detect thieves, to install video surveillance and to send warning signals; why not have a full security review of your current security system?

Ask us to carry out a Free, No Obligation complete and thorough review of your current system and advise you what actions, if any you need to do to improve the safety of your staff and business.


You should have a regular review and service check of all your security systems, whether, physical or I.T. related. Failure to do this will lead to problems that could have been avoided.

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Verisure Alarms Services


24/7 Technical Service

As a Verisure Customer, you can benefit from a technical backup service 24 hours a day.


Response within 45 seconds

When an alarm is triggered, our Alarm Receiving Centre will respond in an average time of 45 seconds. We will then evaluate the situation and activate our Security Alarm Protocol when needed.


24 Hr Guard Response

If an intrusion or emergency is verified, we will send a Security Guard to your property.


You Can Control your alarm with your mobile phone

With My Verisure App you can be in control of your security from anywhere in the world. The app allows you to activate and deactivate the alarm and to see and hear what goes on inside of your home or business.


SOS Button for all emergencies

Using the SOS button of a Verisure Alarm System you can ask for help in case of emergency. We will call a Security Guard, the Fire Brigade or an ambulance whenever it is needed.


Lifelong Warranty and Maintenance

All our Alarm System devices have a lifelong warranty. We also provide a 24 h technical assistance to ensure that your alarm is always in perfect condition.

Installation completely wireless

with no structural work of any kind in just 24 hours


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